Pocket Legends : an Android and Cross platform 3D MMO

Introduction :
Pocket Legends - android

 When we talk about mobile MMO games specially about 3D gmaes, I don't think there are so many options although this section of gaming is improving very fast, several game studios approaching to this. Pocket Legends is a massive hit among this, this is the first MMO of Space time studios which is currently Space time games now. After the massive sucess of this game they are brining new titles as Arecane Legends, Dark Legends etc.

Pocket Legends is a Cross platform MMO, that means it can be played in several platforms such as Android, iPhone and even on desktop. In this vast world players get to interact with others peoples from all over the worlds, it can be completing quests, run dungeons, fight each other or just hang on and chat. In this game 5 players together can join and clear hundred of maps to level up or earn gold or just to help others and enjoy with friends.

At this moment there are five classes to chose from and play with - Archer(bird), Bear, Enchantress ( mage), Paladin (Rhino), Ranger (fox) each classes has their own advantages and weakness also, it is always fun to discover all the skills and their functions.

 Classes of Pocket Legends :
Classes of Pocket legends

Archer (Bird) - This is a range class mainly equipped with bow. Birds are meant to deliver high damage on enemy but fragile due to low armor so in a team whereas tank classes such as Rhino, bears take the aggro and tank birds high damaging area of effect skills easily kill mobs and bosses.

Warrior (Bear) - Bears are basically tanking class equipped strength gear they can tank properly, high armor and dodge helps to tank em where other team mates can kill mobs and bosses easily. Main gear is one handed weapon and shield.

Enchantress (Mage) - Sweet looking famine class potraid by STS, I would say one of the most popular class, low HP compare to any other class but has huge heal and manager shield that can absorb damage, mages are well known for its healing capabilities mean mages can heal others and also can revive other players.

Ranger (Fox) - Fox and Rhinos are newly introduced class in Pocket Legends, unlike old classes of this game foxes and rhinos have skill that can speed up their travelling speed, Rangers are meant to be short ranged high DPS (Damage per second) class.

Paladin (Rhino) - As mentioned above Rhinos are also newly introduced as name suggests Rhinos can tank meant for strength gear like bears basic difference is they can heal and rev others like mages, so rhinos are basically very good supporting class, and quite help full for a team.

 What's next :
World Map

Now after choosing a class we start to play this game. There are a World Map to travel anywhere if we fulfil the requirement to join, currently all the PVE maps are free depending on level players can either create their own game or join games that are hosted by other players, town are open for all the players irrespective level of the player, town consist NPC.

A new player have to join dungeons and kills mobs and run with a team in order to gain xp ( experience points) after getting certain amount of xp player automatically get levels up, on leveling up players get 5 attribute points and 1 skill points and in initial phases unlock new skills also. Attribute points should be spend to DEX, INT or in STR in order to equip new gears comes with new levels.

There are lots of gear to equip, players loots most of these gears from dungeons, mobs and Bosses drops these items. But as expected bosses drops good items where mobs drops junks mostly. So in order to get items players need to either run dungeons and kill bosses or buy these gears in CS which is located at belefort castle and the only Auction house where real players list items against a price value i.e Gold which is in game currency. There is another form of currency, i.e Platinum which can't be traded in game neither can be earned in game, player need to purchase it by real life money, which is not compulsory though but use full in various cases such as buying elixors or pets. Elixors can enhance various things including armor, speed damage or xp.

 Items & Personalizations :
Personalization Example

There are Two types of gears vanities (which does not give stat value in general) Items which gives stat value. Armor, Helm, one handed weapon to equip a shield or a two handed weapon.

Grey coloured items are called Trash these items can be looted from mobs, mini bosses and bosses and are low end gears.

White coloured items are called Common same as before these items can be looted from mobs, mini bosses and bosses and are also low end gears.

Orange coloured items names are called uncommon these items can also be looted from mobs, mini bosses and bosses and are also low end gears but better than trash and common items.

Green coloured item names are called Rare these items can also be looted from mobs, mini bosses and bosses and also are low end gears but better than uncommon.

Purple coloured item names are called these items can be looted from mobs, mini bosses and bosses but chance of getting these items from mini bosses and bosses are better than mobs in general, Epic items are not low end gears but still significant worse than pinks in general.

Pink coloured item names are called Legendary Pink items are most widely used items in game and also these items (not all) make a set and an additional set value, pinks can be only looted from mini bosses and specially from bosses

Dark coloured item names are called Elite Elite items were introduced lately somewhere at level 71 cap. Only Elite bosses drops elite items and few elite items are really rare in game, definitely high end gears. As I mentioned above these items either can be farmed in dungeons or can be purchased in CS, which has been listed by other real player, similarly when we farm in dungeons, we get lots of items but most of them are junk which can be liquidated for small gold, good items can be listed in CS for fair price.

Vanity Vanities are those items which can be equipped with main gear for a different look but in general these items does not have any stat value such as armor, damage etc. Though few vanities make set with pets and provide bit more damage along with armor e.g Dragon helm and Dragon armor vanity, there are lots of vanities to equip some vanities are elite vanities which has been discontinued some vanities were provided by developers personally, some vanities were event based such as holiday, mother day etc and obviously some vanities can be farmed in various maps.

Co-operative gameplay & PvP :
Co-Operative Gameplay

So finally we know the basics of this game it is time to group up with friends and fight with enemies in several hundred maps or fight with real peoples in PvP arena. As I mentioned above five players together run a dungeon, at most five players I meant you can also clear a map with less players or alone but either it will be hard, time taking or not possible, there are always peoples running several maps so you can find appropriate map and join em or make some friends or a join a guild where guild chat, send invitation features are available to make it more interesting and real MMO.

STS the game developing company always upgrade the game with new contents, features and new level cap also. currently level 76 is the the cap.

Last but not least at all, PvP (player vs player) where players can fight with each other, there are many PvP arenas including CTF (capture the flag) mostly are 3 vs 3 maps, 1vs1 and 5 vs 5 maps are also there .
 Image credit : Pocket Legends App developed by Spacetime Studios Game

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