Best Twitter App for Android

Twitter is very popular social network as we know and there are many twitter Apps in the android play store including the official Twitter App from Twitter, inc. These apps have few cool features and user interface and most of the Apps can manage Facebook as well, so it's quite easy to maintain all the main social networks under a single app.

Twitter :

Twitter Official app

The official twitter app from Twitter, inc. It has all the features for using twitter right from your android device, and this version is optimized for android device. The user interface is cool and similar to the mobile WAP site.

Being an official, this app has few limitations also. To get extra features and more cool features you can check the unofficial twitter apps (clients)

Size - 7.8 MB

Tweetcaster for twitter : 


If you looking for the best unofficial twitter app for android, then perhaps your journey end here. This app is well optimized for posting tweets. Some cool features are there including multiple twitter account management and posting in Facebook as well. There is a paid version of this, which is Tweetcaster pro.

Size - 5.26 MB

Sees mic (Facebbok, Twitter ) :


Another popular Twitter app for android. It has all the features for touch devices that makes social life easy, function to manage both Facebook and Twitter accounts. Other than that, there are many cool features as well such as multiple twitter account support, share video using YouTube, URL shortening, twetlong integration for longer tweets, auto complete etc.

Size - 2.66 MB

Plume for Twitter :

Plume for Twitter

Plume for twitter is a twitter app from level up studio. The basic advantage as devs says - Plume is a highly customizable twitter client. Including multi twitter account handle this app also have few other cool features as well such as Facebook posting, live streaming in app, internal browser, support, inline twitter conversation etc.

Size - 4.51MB

Hot suite :


Hotsuite is another twitter and Facebook app which supports few other social networks such as LinkedIn, foursquare etc, the user interface is quite decent.

Size - 4.86 MB

Disclaimer : All the images are screenshooted from Google play store.
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