Pocket Legends : an Android and Cross platform 3D MMO

Introduction :
Pocket Legends - android

 When we talk about mobile MMO games specially about 3D gmaes, I don't think there are so many options although this section of gaming is improving very fast, several game studios approaching to this. Pocket Legends is a massive hit among this, this is the first MMO of Space time studios which is currently Space time games now. After the massive sucess of this game they are brining new titles as Arecane Legends, Dark Legends etc.

Pocket Legends is a Cross platform MMO, that means it can be played in several platforms such as Android, iPhone and even on desktop. In this vast world players get to interact with others peoples from all over the worlds, it can be completing quests, run dungeons, fight each other or just hang on and chat. In this game 5 players together can join and clear hundred of maps to level up or earn gold or just to help others and enjoy with friends.

Best Twitter App for Android

Twitter is very popular social network as we know and there are many twitter Apps in the android play store including the official Twitter App from Twitter, inc. These apps have few cool features and user interface and most of the Apps can manage Facebook as well, so it's quite easy to maintain all the main social networks under a single app.

Twitter :

Twitter Official app

The official twitter app from Twitter, inc. It has all the features for using twitter right from your android device, and this version is optimized for android device. The user interface is cool and similar to the mobile WAP site.

Photoshop Touch Tutorial

 Basic Photoshop touch tutorial :
Photoshop Touch is a photo editing Application for our touch devices such as Android, iPhone etc, from the original Photoshop developers for personal computers. This Application is quite powerful and capable of doing several professional tasks within from our touch devices and if we compare it with other photo ending applications in the market, it is the most efficient in my opinion.

For those peoples who knows how to use Photoshop in their computers, it is easy to learn this mobile/ tablet edition, rather they can handle quite efficiently though learning the basics is necessary. This Application is mainly inspired by the original software, we can find that there are many things, which are common and few options have been removed considering it should be a light version. There are few changes as well to make it simple, such as text also will be rendered as image, and we can't edit text, just an example that this is not exact miniature of the original version rather it is intelligently created for small devices compared to computers.

Basics, Introduction to Preloaded project page and Workplace :
Photoshop Touch Workplace

Lasso Tools Tutorial

Lasso tools of photoshop

Introduction to Lasso tools of Photoshop :

Photoshop is a powerful and widely used photo editing software, there are many awesome tools. In a photo editing software selection tools plays a great role, whenever we need to select a specific section of an image, various selection tools are quite handy and if we know where to to chose what tool we can do professional level task and time saving obviously. Other than basic selection tools in Photoshop Lasso tools are quite use full to do complicated task or can be time saving. In this article I will try to elaborate Lasso tools of photoshop and how to use these tools properly.

Video Tutorials >>

how to change Background color in Photoshop

Changing background color in photoshop isn't a difficult job, depending upon the Image, we can do it quite efficiently if we follow step by step procedure. Whenever we cut out passport size Image from a photo, to make a passport size photograph, we must change the background with uniform color.

When we have a picture editing software like photoshop, we can do nearly everything including ' change background color in photoshop'. Photoshop is really a great software to edit photos. But you have to remember that every software has some limitations also. You also have to remember that some photos are easy to edit and some are not i.e in some cases it is really difficult and may take some time to select the background manually. I know that you are keen to know how to change background color in Photoshop, but to change the background color you have to select background first. I was talking about the limitations of the software that is because Photoshop does not has it's own intelligence to detect the background in an image but it can detect color difference quite efficiently. you can watch this video tutorial!

Select the Background first

Background of the image selected

Change Background Image

In photography and photograph related works, changing background color and then adding a new customized background is not only very common work to do but also very popular. Professionals knows how to do it properly and effectively so that it does not look artificial but look natural and beautiful. In this topic, I will discuss how to remove background. First of all, where is it necessary? and why we need to do this. For example, you took a photo of your friend, sitting in front of a wall, but the photo was beautiful, you want to use that photo somewhere, maybe in Facebook wall, but that background wall making it dull looking. Obviously you want change that background and maybe you want to add a beautiful background of rainfall or flowers etc. Let's start it and know how you can do it easily.
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First off, we will be needing an photo editing software in general, or we can even use an online photo editing site also. Here I mentioned the term "in general" because it is also possible to remove background effectively without a so called photo editing software, it it also possible to do it in vectors based drawing software also such as "Corel Draw" anyway we won't discuss about it here, because it may looks like difficult. As we know that it is possible in various photo editors. Basic question is, which one should be chosen? Photoshop is a widely known and very famous for photo editing. It is not difficult at all to do few basic steps of Photoshop, without having in depth knowledge.
Background selected

Android Browser with Flash

Android platform used to support flash, but recently Adobe declared that they won't make any new flash version that would support android platform.

The consequence is, latest versions don't support flash, the older versions of android still supports flash, anyway this is not end of everything. There are many web browsers for android that support and render flash even the device does not have flash at-all means it a device independent thing. Now takes a look on the best android web browsers that support flash.

Puffin web browser