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Android platform used to support flash, but recently Adobe declared that they won't make any new flash version that would support android platform.

The consequence is, latest versions don't support flash, the older versions of android still supports flash, anyway this is not end of everything. There are many web browsers for android that support and render flash even the device does not have flash at-all means it a device independent thing. Now takes a look on the best android web browsers that support flash.

Puffin web browser

Puffin Web Browser : 

Puffin web browser can be considered as the best flash web browser for Android, as claim by the developers it has fastest JavaScript engine, not only that it's cloud rendering technique make it possible render flash contention their Cloud server so even if you device does not support flash or does not have flash at-all, puffin can render flash cintent s quite efficiently. Not only that this browser is really fast and to be honest when I used this browser on my Android tablet, it was a new super fast experience. Anyway the free version has a trial period of 16 days flash support after that either you have to buy the premium version or you can refer a friend to get 12 days more to use flash support.

So the question is that this browser is for flash content only, I will say absolutely not, as I mentioned it is super fast, also there are many features to provide full web browsing experience. Mouse simulator, theater mode, keyboard are the perfect examples. Mouse mode enable a track pad and a mouse pointer, not only we have option to move and click also we can also drag contents if website support that obviously to drag use two fingers to swipe, keyboard option few more basic options such as tab, select, copy paste e.t.c. Theater mode is for watching movies etc. Gamepad is another good feature.

So basically we can see that not only this browser support device independent flash also it is a powerful PC quality web browser for Android devices.
Photo Browser

Photon Browser :

Photon browser is also another device independent flash player and android browser, there is a button to activate flash mode and during this phase this browser render pages in their server not only that it's a complete web browsing experience, but this process is not so lag free, perhaps this is the reason why the 1 star rating is so high play store. As puffin this android browser also is not free but free version comes with free trial period.

Not only this browser is super fast there are many good features as well such as, different browsing user agent - Firefox, IE etc. Private browsing feature is also available.
Firefox Android Browser

Firefox Browser :

Firefox is a well known browser and yes it supports flash and it's completely free, difference is that, Firefox can play flash content only if device support flash and flash installed in the device. Firefox is professional level browser, huge 5 star rating reflects the quality of this browser. Just like the windows version Firefox android also support various add-ons and there are several thousand add one are available to choose from, this is a huge advantage to customize Firefox.

If your device has adobe flash installed then this browser would be a perfect choice, since Google chrome and Opera browsers does not support flash though point to note stock browser supports flash if, adobe flash come per installed with the devices.
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